The Satterlee Evening Post

Check in with the Satterlee family (Dean, Marisa, Eliana, Alexa and Jordan) serving in The Salvation Army as Corps Officers (pastors) of the Lanus Corps in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You'll also find family news, Ministry updates, comments on current affairs and some sports commentary (especially following the Pittsburgh Pirates)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Through the Valley

I have been meaning to write sooner since my Dad’s passing, however it has proven to be more difficult than I thought. It has been a month now since we buried my Dad and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I am so thankful for all the love and support I have received from my adopted family in the USA. I wish I could thank each one of you personally, you are all truly wonderful people who did not hesitate one minute in dropping a few lines via email or sending a beautiful card through regular mail…I am also very thankful that the last week I spent with my Dad at the hospital was a very memorable one….I had been longing to be able to hear his voice again and since his tracheotomy almost three months prior, this had been impossible until this last week when he finally was able to speak by covering the opening of his oxygen tube….his last words to me during our last visit together were “say hi to everyone and put your coat on!” (it was winter here), then he smiled and waived….during my conversation with the wonderful doctor that took care of him the day he passed, she reassured me he had not suffered, that it was quick, his heart just could not take it any longer, yet that same morning he had been doing quite well, eating his breakfast and kidding around.

Now my sister and I have the responsibility of going thru his personal “stuff” and cleaning up his house as we are the only ones left. That has also been a tough experience yet I have discovered many “treasures”. I found each and every letter I wrote to my Mom and Dad since I moved to States back in 1986 and so many other things he had saved throughout our separation. We also found a Bible I had given my Mom before I left for the States which he made his own after her passing and noticed several passages marked by him which were read at his funeral….Well I could go on and on forever but let me finish by saying again thank you all for your love and support and to also say that God’s timing was perfect and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend some time with my Dad before his passing. Love

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Elbio Criscuolo

We received word about an hour ago that Marisa's father died around 1:00 p.m. EST. As you know it's been an emotional roller coaster for Marisa and all of the family. Elbio apparently suffered a heart attack while eating his lunch at the hospital. Although he had suffered some setbacks this week he had been doing better yesterday and into this morning.

Marisa has gone to the hospital to be with her sister and to make the arrangements for the funeral. Embalming is not customary here so the viewing and burial will be within the next 24-36 hours. I will post more information when we have it.

Our deepest thanks to all of you for your faithful prayer support and messages of encouragement. We are confident that in spite of all the opposition we have faced in coming here, that it was God's will for us to be here for this very time.

Update: (5:10 p.m.) Just got off the phone with Marisa. The viewing will be tonight and the funeral tomorrow morning. The cemeteries do not accept burials Sunday afternoon and Monday would be too late.

Friday, September 02, 2005

They Said It

It is precisely when every earthly hope has been explored and found wanting, when every possibility of help from earthly sources has been sought and is not forthcoming, when every recourse this world offers, moral as well as material, has been drawn on and expended with no effect, when in the shivering cold every stick of wood has been thrown on the fire, and in the gathering darkness every glimmer of light has finally flickered out—it is then that Christ’s hand reaches out, sure and firm, that Christ’s words bring their inexpressible comfort, that his light shines brightest, abolishing the darkness for ever.
Malcolm Muggeridge

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yesterday We Lit the Candles for Jordan's 3rd Birthday!.......

....uh, and also because the power went off for eight hours. Yes, yesterday was Jordan's third birthday! As we were preparing things at home the power went off and didn't come back on until around 1:30 this morning. So we had a modified birthday party with only us and our friend Eliana Paez. Marisa's family did not attend due to her Father's condition.

Here's a photo of Jordan getting ready to blow out the candles (the one's on the cake at least). When we finally went to bed, with the power still off, he went around the house with me and we sang Happy Birthday before blowing out each emergency candle!!!! He didn't mind at all.

We thank God for his life and all he brings to our family.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Music Schools Festival

Saturday night we (Dean, Eliana & Alexa) participated in the Music Schools Festival held at the Central Corps. There are four weekly music schools held at various corps in Buenos Aires and we attend and help at the one held at the Central Corps. Above are some photos along with a copy of the program for the evening.
Eliana played in the jr. band and sang in the youth chorus. Alexa sang in the children's chorus and I led a group of beginner cornets.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Alexa Wows Them at St. George's College

Friday night was the annual Preparatory School Music Concert at St. George's College in Quilmes.

Alexa performed two numbers:

A duet for baritone and piano (Alexa played baritone) - Hymn to Joy and she joined with her female classmates for a dance routine to the pop hit Barbie Girl by Aqua.

Here's a photo of Alexa playing the baritone. Congratulations Alexa we are very, very proud of you honey!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

U.S. To Hold Military Exercises With Paraguay

According to Reuters, Paraguay (a neighboring country to Argentina and part of the South America East Territory of The Salvation Army) has signed an agreement with the United States to hold joint military exercises. The reason given:

U.S. officials have said American troops would undergo training exercises
and carry out humanitarian relief efforts in Paraguay, but have not said how
many troops would be involved or when the exercises would begin.

I can't help wondering though if International Terrorism might have something to do with it. Check out this article from Global Politician by Thomas Muirhead. The most chilling quote:

Al-Qaeda has also been found to be operating in The Triple Border. According to
Brazilian police and military intelligence sources Osama bin Laden and Mohammed
Khalid Sheikh passed through the region in or around 1995. Although many
residents of the area claim that there are no terrorists in the area, and
certainly no connection to Al-Qaeda this remarkable story seems to refute this.
A week before the attacks on September 11th a young Moroccan, Abdel Fatta,
residing in the area of the triple border handed a letter to his lawyer with
instructions for it to be delivered to the United States embassy. The letter
contained a warning of attacks that were going to take place on the 11th of
September. The young man was a recent Al-Qaeda operative who had a change of
heart around the time of the attacks and gave himself up. He remains in jail in
Brazil on other charges. He must have been a very well informed young Arab
resident if Al-Qaeda doesn't happen to be active in the region.

We have friends who flew (last month) from Buenos Aires to Paraguay and took a bus into Brazil to visit Iguazu falls. They confirmed what the article implies and said that in all the trips back and forth in touring vans they were not checked for identification at the borders.

Two extra blurbs on Paraguay while we're at it. It's a little known fact that the flag of Paraguay has two distinct sides or faces. I believe it's the only country that has a two sided flag.

And the second item is a personal musing. What do you call the armed forces of Paraguay?.......The Paramilitary.